Usufruct Procedure

Usufruct Surrender Remedy Procedure

Consider these Usufruct Letter and Usufruct Indorsement examples... for educational and discussion purposes only, in relation to Indorsed Bill Remedy.


First and foremost, the most important presumption to rebut is that the INFANT on Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) is a "decedent".  You need to get a certified copy on your COLB first to proceed. For more info, see:
Proof of Life

The Second most important presumption to rebut is that this INFANT is using the private credit of the Federal Reserve  (Federal Reserve Notes) in all of its commercial transactions.  One must use United States Notes (lawful money) in all transactions.  For more info, see: 

After doing the above two steps, then you can do the steps below.

1. Get a published copy of 12 USC 95a from GPO (PDF) and 12 USC 411 from GPO (PDF). This is self-authenticating evidence FRE 902(5) --  (5) Official Publications. A book, pamphlet, or other publication purporting to be issued by a public authority.  (NOTE: Perhaps we should also ratify the extant usufruct by signing the international document for same?  See Usufruct Ratification. And Usufruct Declarations may also be needed on the record.)

2. Indorse and Return #1 in a Trust-captioned Letter to SOS of Birth State, with USPS Return Receipt Requested for Registered Mail.

3. Record #2 in county with USPS Return Receipt as proof of delivery along with an Affidavit in Support of Indorsed Bill Payment of same that is notarized in order to require recording.

4. Use certified copies of #3 as Proof of Contract with US for Indemnification against all claims when indorsing, sealing and returning bills via USPS Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested to CFO as payment (for deposit only to United States), along with above Usufruct Letter (having Trust-captioned header statement).  Note: keep copies of each bill and its USPS Form 3800.  Place the self-adhesive strip on the very top of this form onto each bill, along with your personal embossed seal, to prove it is an original issue of a lawful money demand in order to prevent the "counterfeiting" of lawful money!  This form also establishes evidence of confirmation of delivery of 
the June 5, 1933 HJR 192 public trust res.

5. Use "Conditional Acceptance Upon Verification" letters to perfect any dishonors of #4, and establish Breach of TrustUnclean Hands and Equitable Estoppel against the CFO. [Note: For a successful example of this step against a hospital and its several debt collectors, contact me privately]

6. Based on #5 as probable cause, report #5 to US AG (Office of Alien Property) per 18 USC 4 for US to enforce potential 12 USC 95a(2) violations in this matter for theft of US property (lost deposit), or file an online complaint to the SEC 
at for "Theft or misappropriation of funds or securities" (re: BC security). 

7. Perhaps use Karl Lentz's technology to enforce trespasses against a man in your court at the district court of the US, or at small claims court?

For more info about this point, see:


It would also help to declare the status of the INFANT as a BENEFICIARY by recording a Declaration of Beneficiary.

To discourage harassment and rights violations, and since all is a matter of contract, it might be a good preventative measure to also record a Notice of Indemnification and a ORDER FEE SCHEDULE.

A Solemn Act and Deed may also serve as a Bone Fide Judgment, and its trial by record establishes a "monument of so high a nature"  that it trumps any other form of trial "by witness, trial, or otherwise..." (Blackstone's Commentaries, Book 3.22).

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