Usufruct Parable

Usufruct and The Parable of the Landowner

Read Matthew 21:33-41 and meditate on the connections in this parable to the principles and rules of "usufruct".

Also read Matthew 21:42-44 and notice in these verses their correspondence to first three Annual Holydays of Leviticus 23.

The "stone rejected" is the Messiah as Passover, Holyday #1.

"This became the Chief Cornerstone" when Holyday #2 literally occurs in the very near future as a "marvelous" BIG EVENT in the desert "from the Lord", confirming the literal truth of Holyday #1.

"The kingdom of God... given to a nation producing the the fruit of it" refers to the Holy Nation of people gathered from all around the earth to live in this desert oasis to fulfill Holyday #3, Pentecost, as the Creator's "Pentecost Nation" of the Firstfruits.

"This stone" in verse 44 refers to the awesome truth of the literal reality and fulfillment of Holydays 1-3 taken together as the Spring Harvest of the Plan of God.  People will stumble at this "new truth" and it will crush opponents when this truth covers the entire world as a witness to all nations, as prophesied in Matthew 24:14.

Now, consider this...

Was this parable purposely intended for this generation and time, as a warning to the usufructuaries (vinegrowers) who rule over God's vineyard (His people today who act as peacemakers by "surrendering the usufruct"), that if they do not take care (pay the bills) of these peaceful inhabitants living in all the nations of the earth, then they will be replaced by a "nation" that will produce fruit (usufruct) for the Landowner as "proceeds at the proper seasons" (Passover, Pentecost, and Ingathering)?

Is this parable the unspoken Divine enforcement mechanism of the "law of usufruct" that we can claim as His "peacemakers"?

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