Usufruct Currency

The BILL is NOT a BILL - The New LAWFUL MONEY Currency - A Usufruct Currency!

The Bill is NOT a BILL – it is an asset credit voucher "coupon" containing the credit amount that we must release/surrender to the Trustee (or agent thereof) by indorsing the BACK of the Bill, writing the demand for lawful money on the FRONT, and then returning it, to accomplish "Merger" for "extinguishment" of the obligation.

See: The Bill is NOT a BILL

Also see this folder for more research information.

When the "dollar" fails, the "bills" will keep coming.

Just start using "bills" as the new currency, and lawful money, by demand!

The New LAWFUL MONEY Currency - A Usufruct Currency!

Read the excerpt below from “The Way to outdo England without fighting her” by Henry Charles Carey, 1865, in his “Letter 12“, pages 129-130, and substitute the "American people" for the "wealthy creditor", and see how this new honest labor-backed LAWFUL MONEY currency and a simple clearinghouse controlled by the people could turn around our economy in a matter of weeks! Imagine every adult being given a lawful money account to "draw" their credit from on a monthly basis, based on their current income and needs. Talk about a real stimulus package!!!

The Currency Question-Carey 1862-Letter 12, p.129, Feb 13, 1865

Notice above that "He had pledged his credit and nothing more."

Is this not what we have already done in joining in on the Declaration for Independence...that "we mutually pledge to each other other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred honor"?

Do we not have evidence of that pledge by each of us holding a receipt thereof known as the "Certificate of Live Birth"?

Then what is preventing us from implementing the exact scenario illustrated so keenly above?


A Success story in Italy!

The Utopian Country

For more information about this, see:

"Usufruct Currency" would prevent world war!

The people (labor-credit) are the gold and our signature is the currency!

Excerpt from above link:
Chomsky’s fears of a US-Russian nuclear war, we have previously reported on, are indeed valid, this report continues, due to President Putin’s moves to strike down the American petrodollar which the Obama regime has retaliated against by provoking a war in Ukraine, leveling sanctions (along with its EU allies) against Russia, and with its Middle Eastern allies collapsing the price of oil in its strategy of trying to bankrupt Russia.
Russia, however, in anticipating these actions by the Obama regime, this report notes, has amassed one of the largest gold reserves in the world to counter these economic warfare moves against the Federation no matter how low the price of oil goes, a strategic point not lost to the former US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan who in speaking to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) last week stunningly admitted, “Gold is currency, no fiat currency, including the US Dollar, can match it.”
With Russia “fully prepared” to accomplish its end-game of destroying the US petrodollar system with its gold reserves and combined energy-mineral wealth (which is the greatest in the world valued at over $75 trillion), MoFA analysts in this report conclude, the new Oligarchy ruling America, in a “last stand effort” to protect its “paper only” fiat currency wealth may, indeed, see global war as its only alternative to protect itself.

The Money In Your Bank Account Was Stolen This Morning!

This is exactly why the Indorsed Bill Remedy is needed ASAP!

In conjunction with this Usufruct Remedy.

FRN and checkbook money will soon be GONE.

The only thing left in circulation AS MONEY will soon be just the BILLS themselves.

Indorse, return and enforce them!

If dishonored, resurrect McFadden's 1933 charges lodged in the Judiciary.

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