Usufruct Club

A Special Buyers Market Exchange Association

NOTICE:  Club was deleted due to inactivity...  but you can still see/use its spreadsheet here!


Imagine what would happen if a "Usufruct Club" of 10,000 to 100,000 members (or more) was formed, and the members of this new club drafted a proposal containing an aggregate list of items that they truly needed and would immediately buy from the first store that would accept "indorsed bill payments" in exchange for those items.

What store can afford to lose such a market to its competitors?

Please take the POLL in the right panel of this website and let's see how much of an interest there is in this idea, worldwide.

I believe that there is plenty of pent-up demand among all of us that this would present "an offer they can't refuse"!

This will require setting up a special club membership website, writing up a draft proposal, tallying a master list of all of the items needed, and then deciding which stores to approach first.

Please post suggestions in the "Post a Comment" box at the bottom of this page.

Those who wish to join the "Usufruct Club" may register at

The Purpose of the club is to:

  1. implement the "discharge upon payment" provision of HJR 192 of June 5, 1933
  2. utilize the protections of 12 USC 95a  and 12 USC 411
  3. stimulate the economy
  4. reduce the national debt
  5. reduce unemployment
  6. improve the standard of living of all people
  7. restore our national security and sovereignty
  8. emulate the success and prosperity of President Lincoln's Monetary Policy

Read the excerpt below from “The Way to outdo England without fighting her” by Henry Charles Carey, 1865, in his “Letter 12“ chapter, pages 129-130, and see how this club could become a practical and immediate emulation of President Lincoln's successful Monetary Policy.

Notice above that "He had pledged his credit and nothing more."

Is this not what we have already done in joining in on the Declaration for Independence... that "we mutually pledge to each other other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred honor"?

Do we not have evidence of that pledge by each of us holding a receipt thereof known as the "Certificate of Live Birth"?

Then what is preventing us from implementing the exact scenario illustrated so keenly above?


Just choose Option #2 of HJR 192 below.

Then join the Usufruct Club 
and add the items 
you truly need and wish to 
"discharge upon payment
to the new online 
Usufruct Club Aggregate Items List
(see example below)

The above list is now available for your entries.

Please register at 

Then add to this list using the member ID you registered with.

For more info on this list, see its Club Topic at:


  1. Nice idea. I'll think on it a bit.

  2. HJR 192 has been repealed completely in the 1980s.