Saturday, June 21, 2014

Welcome Message - Statement of Purpose and Posting Guidelines

Hello everyone,

The intent here is to correct our MIS-TAKE of not PAYing our debts and increasing the national debt.

After listening to, watching, and studying Boris for the last several months, I believe his paradigm is the best approach to take at this time. 

I started on this journey of discovering what is really going on about 1995.   It started with the banking system, studying Tom Schauf's books and broadcasts.  Then information about commerce and the law with Jack Smith. Then political history with various experts.  Then lawful money with David Merrill, and its beneficial effect on the 1040 form (proven now for 4 years running, and for some even 8 years).

Now it is about "captivity", military rule, "usufruct",  and how it has a Scriptural foundation and prophecy for today.

I am looking forward to working with others on a similar path as mine, and with sharing insights about Boris's approach, and also the results as it is implemented/tested in the "real" world of fiction.

Please add your posts here, and even add comments to the pages listed along the menu at the top of this blog.

These pages are for educational purposes only, and are not meant or to be construed as legal advice.

Your fellow pathfinder,

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